Marc James (Prof.Psy.C; Ad.Dip. Psy C; Cert. Hyp CS)


My Background

I have over 20 years experience in working with individuals and families with complex needs. Orignally a parenting trainer, I began working with more complex issues, such as Anger Management programmes, Stress & Anxiety and Mindfulness. I have been a Service Manager for over 12 years providing therapeutic interventions around mental health and have provided support for children and families exposed to domestic abuse and trauma.

I have been involved in providing group work and individual work with those with  a variety of complex issues, including stress and mindfulness workshops. I am also a trainer for  organisations wanting to develop better ways of engaging with people and am an accredited parenting trainer and mindfulness teacher.   My work has been recognsied by Government funded  bodies as national best practice and I have various awards for my innovative work with individuals and families.

I enjoy working with people also on an individual basis and work on the basis that you have choices and the power to find meaning in life, which can lead to positive change.


Prof. Dip. Psy C (Accredited Psychotherapist)

Ad. Dip. Psy. C (Advanced Counselling Diploma)

Cert.Hyp.CS  (Registered Hypnotherapist)

Dip. CTP  

Ad. Dip. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  

Ad. Dip MBCBT  

Prof. Dip. Men's Studies (NTU)  

Dip. Mindfulness Teaching  Cert. 

RESPECT (Group Work)  

PTLLS (Licence to Teach)  

Accred. Raising Children Trainer  

Cert. Child Care Learning & Development  

Cert. Confidence Building  

Truama Focused - CBT  

Working with Sexual Abuse

Dissociative Disorder Training   

My Approach

Confidential, friendly and respectful. We work together to make change possible and explore what will help, but to empower you to decide what's best for you. It's your life after all! I practice as a Psycotheraputic Counsellor, which means that I use a variety of skills an techniques from different therapies to suit individual needs. I value and respect my clients and do not judge. I work to support you to seek resolution of difficulties.



Confidential Counselling in a safe caring environment.  I believe in working together to overcome issues in a sensitive but proactive way to create chnage my clients seek to acheive.

I am qualified to work with Stress; Anxiety; Phobias; Depression; Grief & Loss; Work issues; Self Esteem; Confidence; Abuse; Relationship issues; General unhappiness & Meaning of Life; Anger; Frustration; Abuse; Goal setting; Social issues; Life Coaching.


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation. Hypnotherapy is a safe an often pleasant way to make changes and can support the counselling process or as a stand alone therapy.


Longer term therapy for a range of issues requiring more intensive support and is particularly useful where issues are deep rooted and require longer therapy to achieve positive change.


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